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April: Foot Health Awarness Month

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April is here, and it's foot health awareness month. Didn't know there was such an occasion? Well chances are your feet wish you knew more! Foot health awareness month as all about encouraging people to be aware about the effects of the happiness of your feet on your entire body and heath. Our feet are our base, and without the proper stability and support, our entire system can be thrown off kilter. Not to mention, if your feet are feeling uncomfortable, you'll probably be avoiding many physical activities that are necessary for your heart and overall health. Foot tragedies can also be signs of other problems going on in your body. Thought those pesky hairs on your toes were a curse? They actually signify great circulation, and loss of these hairs (besides through waxing and plucking of course) are a sign of poor circulation, which can be caused by heart disease. Other signs on your feet like dry cracked skin, corns and blisters, cold feet, and toenail shapes can all be signs of something more serious. Here's a link to learn more about the red flags of foot health: The best way to avoid foot related problems is proper hygiene and maintenance. Keep clean and moisturized, and don't forget proper nail care. So that monthly visit to the salon for a pedicure isn't completely frivolous after all. Celebrate foot awareness by taking a walk in some comfortable shoes and enjoy the beautiful day!


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