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2013-0422-The-Future-is-so-BrightVibrantly bold and beautiful, neon is getting a whole new reputation. No longer for traffic signs and warnings only. This attention grabbing trend can be made classy after all! Milly's take is sleek and sophisticated, and are we seeing a bit of the 80's vibe? Whatever it is, we're seeing neon in a whole new light, and we actually like it! Yeah so it's a little crazy, but worn as an accent color on an otherwise muted tone, this neon green is really fantastic, and totally wearable too. From makeup and accessories to a full on assault of pow, this is definitely one of the biggest looks for the season. And who can blame people for catching on? In a world where and be so serious and black takes up 90% of your wardrobe (Hey I'm not knocking it... I do it too) but I think we can all agree that's it's time for a bit of color refreshment. And with fall runways already continuing the trend, it's safe to say it's not going anywhere soon. So what are you waiting for? Grab some hot pink eyeliner and start brightening up the colors in your life! Ok, maybe skip the hot pink eyeliner, but you get the idea. More do-able? Have you noticed that fantastic wedge up there? "Bravado" comes in lime green, paris blue, police pink, and.... yes... black. Just in case you aren't feeling quite so adventurous yet. bravado-police-pinkbravado-paris-bluebravado-black

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