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Valentine's Day
  February in the city is obviously a bitter cold month. The good thing about February, is that there is a day where we can escape from the chill by being warmed with love. That's right, it's Valentine's Day; a day dedicated to letting those special people in your life know that you love them. We got lucky this year, Vday falls on a Sunday, so that means we can spend the whole day with our sweetheart. We will, of course, start the day  with Sunday brunch. Nothing says love like poached eggs, croissants, fruit plates and mimosas. AND, chances are, there will be some Valentine's Day specials at our favorite brunch spots. After that, the options are endless. The city provides an atmosphere perfect for a day of love. Whether you want to stroll through central park, see a show or climb to the top of the Empire State building to find your man up top with a bouquet of peonies (Refer to the most romantic gesture from Gossip Girl, thank you Chuck Bass) NYC has the best ways to spend your day. Finally, to top the whole day off, you can spend a romantic evening having dinner by candle light at any of the truly amazing restaurants! With a whole day filled with being spoiled by your special someone, you need an outfit that is fit for the occasion. Sometimes this can be a harder task than you would think. Not to worry, there is no need for outfit stress, we are here to help! Like we said, it's cold; no matter what, in the city you're going to be outside at least some of the time, so you need to dress warm. BUT, just because you are dressed for the weather, doesn't mean you can't still look great. We will start from the bottom (I mean, we are shoe people) Nicole has the perfect bootie for your Vday journeys, the Kalli. A boot that shows sophistication with a perfect heel and just the right amount of elaborations. This bootie pairs great with a pair of brown tights, a maroon dress, double-breasted coat and some gold jewelry. Throw some maroon, Bobbi Brown, multi-purpose creme into your clutch and you're set for a day you'll never forget (with the person you never want to be without). So, here's to hoping that this year's Valentine's Day celebrations keep you warm all the way through the month!


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